Special MUN Topic: Security Concerns @ the London Games?

Posted by on Jul 30, 2012 in Current Events, Friends of MUN-E, ModelUN, MUN Debate Topics | 4,319 comments

Since the tragic events of September 11, 2001, terrorism has become a global threat that effects every nation around the world. Now more than ever this issue has surfaced as a topic of debate with the start of the 30th Olympic Games hosted in London. Much of the world has focused its attention on the security present at this historic event and the United Kingdoms ability to protect the millions of visitors that will be traveling to London to watch the Olympic Games. The Olympics are no stranger to terrorism in...

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Special MUN Topic: It’s more than serious in Syria!

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Special MUN Topic:  It’s more than serious in Syria!

The situation in Syria is deteriorating more and more every day. A civil war for control of the Syrian government has continued now for 16 months with no sign of relief any time soon. With a daily death rate approximately 10 times that of the war in Afghanistan many observers feel that intervention is long overdue. Attempts have been made by the United Nations to mitigate the chaos and bloodshed present in Syria but these efforts have had little impact on the current state of the conflict. Kofi Anan, former...

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SPECIAL MUN TOPIC: US Navy Fires on Small Vessel off the Coast of Dubai…

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Not since the 1990’s film Waterworld has the high seas been so treacherous. Freedom of the seas was an issue that was hotly debated prior to World War I but recently hasn’t been an area of concern unless you happen to be a Somali Pirate (btw, Somali “Pirates” as we like to call them, are actually considered by Somalians as their only military: The Somali Coast Guard. Get educated and read about their side of the story). Garrrr! Woodrow Wilson was the first to champion the idea back when he...

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SPECIAL MUN TOPIC: Gun Control in the US…. Where’s the control?

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Although information surrounding the recent events in Aurora, Colorado is still unfolding it is easy to see that there will be a strong reaction to the shooting at the premier of the summer blockbuster Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. Colorado, a community that is already no stranger to gun violence, will be forced to reexamine existing laws dealing with the sale, possession, and distribution of firarms in the state. Motives for the shootings may never be truly understood, but there will be no shortage of...

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