SPECIAL MUN TOPIC: The “Emerging” Economies!

Posted by on Jul 25, 2012 in Blog, Current Events, Friends of MUN-E, MUN, MUN Debate Topics | 4,010 comments

This article¬†discusses the growth of Columbia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey, and South Africa. These countries are typically in the “mid-range” of influence within their respective blocs, but the amount of financial influence they yield is only increasing. The regional positions of these economies provide more geopolitical and geomilitary power to their delegates in committee, especially because some of these countries provide resources that the P5 are deeply dependent upon, e.g. Egypt controls...

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SPECIAL MUN TOPIC: Gun Control in the US…. Where’s the control?

Posted by on Jul 20, 2012 in Blog, Current Events, Friends of MUN-E, MUN Debate Topics | 10,787 comments

Although information surrounding the recent events in Aurora, Colorado is still unfolding it is easy to see that there will be a strong reaction to the shooting at the premier of the summer blockbuster Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. Colorado, a community that is already no stranger to gun violence, will be forced to reexamine existing laws dealing with the sale, possession, and distribution of firarms in the state. Motives for the shootings may never be truly understood, but there will be no shortage of...

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