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"The book is groundbreaking!" - BestDelegate.com

"This belongs in every high school curriculum!" - G. Gordon, Teacher of Model UN & AP History

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IRAQ: A lesson about IR

Hello boys and girls. As a former teacher, I would occasionally witness a news story so horrific and perplexing that I would cancel the day’s lesson plans, and instead, have a conversation about the news. Today is such a day that I have to stop working and take to...

What’s your SIQ?

If you haven’t heard of “Social Intelligence”, you’re behind the ball… and a few good reads or youtube videos about it is a must! On the @StanfordBiz twitter feed, you can scroll through the topics… and you’ll notice how many are related to personal confidence, public speaking, emotional control,...

We’re on Amazon!

Have you seen our book yet? Have you browsed the table of contents and our form of prose? Do it on Amazon now! We’ve talked to hundreds of students and helped dozens win their first awards. We’ve done it for middle school, high school, and college teams. We’ve deconstructed...

The Book: MUN-E

Model UN Education is a complete revolution in Social Studies.

Customer Testimonials

A. Latham

I quite liked the book.  There were a lot of things in it that I never really thought about but when I started imagining them they made perfect sense.  

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