On a day of pure inspiration, we came up with this beautiful three dimensional relationship! We call it:

The Main Idea

 Yes… THIS IS THE MAIN IDEA!!!  IT’S SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE!!  (Sometimes called “Human Engineering.”)

The Success Spectrum is the fountain from which all GAVELS spring. Use the brief descriptions above as an introduction to the raw power of Social Intelligence in the Model UNiverse. Please note that our axes are defined by “Social Intelligence” and “Academic Intelligence.”

Let’s take a look at Academic Intelligence first. Academic Intelligence is what people call “book smarts.” You know the smartest kid in your math or science class? Well that kid is probably really good at doing her homework, understanding the teacher, and doing multiplication in her head. But is she “cool?”

Academic Intelligence is not specific to any subject… it’s pretty much what we all think of as “smart.” We know you know this already: “smarts” do not win you as many friends as “coolness.” And in Model UN, you need to have something we’ll call smart coolness. This is called Social Intelligence. Social intelligence is an entirely different beast than its academic brother. Our Success Spectrum is more heavily weighted by Social Intelligence because in the classroom, in business, in Model UN, and in life… Social Intelligence is a little more important than the other ones.

This book starts with techniques for learning social intelligence. Take another look up at our pretty little graph. The color green represents about a 25% probability of winning awards. Pink is a virtual guarantee. If you have very average academic intelligence, social intelligence makes you a competitor. Get ready for your first lesson in Social Intelligence!

Features of the Graph

We have separated the graph into four quadrants. Each quadrant represents a ‘type’ of Model UN delegate that can improve their performance in one way or another. We’ll start with a description of Quadrant 1.

Quadrant 1: The reason it is labeled with a ONE is because the type of delegate who fits into this category is typically a loner. They do not spend a lot of time with other delegates and it is difficult for them to have a good, fun conversation. Speaking with these delegates isn’t very easy. They don’t seem like good leaders, and they are difficult to ‘read.’ The weird thing is that most of these delegates are academically intelligent, which means that social skills can turn them into immediate winners. These delegates have great potential to become true diplomats.

Quadrant 2: This quadrant is labeled TWO because these delegates are very effective when paired with delegates from different areas of the graph. Individually, they are poor Model UN delegates but they are excellent social engineers. Other delegates will describe them as dynamic, friendly, attractive, and persuasive. Unfortunately, they are usually low on substance.

If you are a part of Quadrant 2 please don’t think that MUN is hopeless. On the contrary, MUN is a place where Superior Social Intelligence can disguise how little a delegate truly knows. The most socially intelligent delegates can be so “personable” and socially adept that they are able to convince an entire room to follow them. There are a multitude of “historical demagogues” you can research.

On our Axis of Excellence, there is a little green sliver of “winning-ness” that can be seen along the line of Superior Social Intelligence. This is the proof that CHARISMA (we talk about that in Chapter 3.1) can be more valuable than book smarts. There are countless studies on the income of business employees and how their salaries can be shown to reflect their height, attractiveness, and friendliness. A strong understanding of charisma can help anyone succeed regardless of their appearance.

NOTE on Q1 and Q2 a large number of delegates will think that they’re in Quadrant 1 while they’re actually in Quadrant 2. Similarly, there will also be delegates who think they’re in Quadrant 2 but actually belong in Quadrant 1. Be honest with yourself. Regardless of where you think you are on our graph, this book will carry you in a Northeast direction… We will start walking you DIRECTLY towards Superior Social Intelligence and your own investigation of those techniques will carry you far up the Academic Intelligence axis, i.e. the “book-smarts” ladder.

Quadrant Help!! If you’re in this quadrant, we understand your dilemma. You’re in dire straits but we can, at least, set you on the road to recovery.

1. You CAN and you WILL make yourself “smarter”. It requires discipline and lots of reading to get informed so get ready, because there is a lot to learn.

2. You need to get over any sort of shyness or embarrassment. You CAN and you WILL start talking to “new” and “random” people. Social intelligence is a skill that you learn through experience. It is trial and error. Prepare yourself for the emotional journey that will follow as you learn these new skills.

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