This is the first subtitle of our book… And I must admit, it is the most oft misunderstood.

Being “social” is simply the easiest phrase to describe being easy to talk to. Some of us are incredibly talented at this trait with no careful training… And as a result they have many friends, they communicate their desires, and they tend to get along better with adults as well. When these social “naturals” are also aware of the reactions of their peers, they are primed for creating networks without even knowing it. Luckily for them, their interactions were always beneficial to themselves and seemed mature and impressive to their teachers and employers.

Some of us are not so lucky. We have recognized these “naturals” since we started school. We looked up to them even though we didn’t know why. These colleagues were superficially called popular, or sociable, or funny. We noticed that these classmates of ours were well-liked and were not self-conscious.

Some of us have a natural proclivity to think much more than we need to… And sometimes that is our only hindrance. But if we were taught a few tips and tricks, we’d be even more social than the “naturals” we look up to. And with a little practice, we’d be able to use social rules to our benefit!! And we’d do it better than our social peers because they don’t even understand what they’re doing, regardless of how it benefits them.

Then you wouldn’t just be social, you’d be socially intelligent!

This is what we teach…

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