Although information surrounding the recent events in Aurora, Colorado is still unfolding it is easy to see that there will be a strong reaction to the shooting at the premier of the summer blockbuster Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. Colorado, a community that is already no stranger to gun violence, will be forced to reexamine existing laws dealing with the sale, possession, and distribution of firarms in the state.

Motives for the shootings may never be truly understood, but there will be no shortage of explanations over the upcoming days. Whether you believe this is an isolated incident, mental illness, lax gun control laws, or violence in movies, both the state of Colorado and the government as a whole will be forced to evaluate the existing system of gun control in the United States….

Is it too early to debate gun control here?

Mayor Bloomberg recently said that “police across the country should threaten to strike until the government protects its members!” Do you think he has a legitimate argument?

The UN Security Council is trying to pass a resolution to limit the sale of arms, guns, and ammunition to “dangerous” countries. Does this shooting have any influence on how you’d argue these measures in a Security Council simulation?

What are your thoughts? Comment Below!

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