Our video to tell Oprah “Thank You…”

Why Model UN Education (MUN-E) is so important!

When our book was nearly finished, we found out that Oprah made a visit to the conference we were competing at…

Usually we have to explain “Model UN” to every single person who asks about it. Here was an incredibly influential person who pushes for promoting better lifestyles, wellness strategies, emotional communication… etc! She even started the South African Leadership Academy for Women. I’d say she’s slightly dedicated.

Here’s our letter!

Hello Oprah Winfrey,

I’m writing because I recently learned that you are sending your students from the Leadership Academy for Women to Model UN conferences in the United States. I had the courtesy of seeing you attend Cornell University’s high school Model UN Conference (CMUNC) to witness the participation of your young women. I am deeply thankful and inspired that you’ve taken notice of this activity for young students. This activity is occurring internationally and advances the idea of productive collaboration on the premise of global participation and leadership.

I believe in this ideal, too. My co-author and I wrote a book for Model UN participants and we’ve shared the skills in this book with the Model UN group that we advise who participated in the competition against your students from South Africa. I’d like to share this book with you and your students. We have included 15 of my books in the physical package I’m sending you… and we’d like you to share it with your Academy if you approve and think that the book has value.

I also made a video with a student that you complimented. At the aforementioned conference you told him that because I wanted him to share what he finds amazing about Model UN and the practical social skills involved. I ask only that you continue to push this global activity from an educational standpoint. Please promote Model UN in some way. “Social Studies” no longer works as effectively as it used to and our kids need your help to be prepared for our future the way that you witnessed in those students at Cornell.

I’ll also be sending you a package (when I find the right address… lol) of the 15 books I wanted to donate to your Leadership Academy. Please look out for them!! Thank you SOooo much.

Sincerely, Eugene J. Geis

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