Developing Economies

This article¬†discusses the growth of Columbia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey, and South Africa. These countries are typically in the “mid-range” of influence within their respective blocs, but the amount of financial influence they yield is only increasing.

The regional positions of these economies provide more geopolitical and geomilitary power to their delegates in committee, especially because some of these countries provide resources that the P5 are deeply dependent upon, e.g. Egypt controls the Suez, Turkey is the gateway of most oil pipelines between the Middle East and Europe, Indonesia is currently China’s #1 target for oil and coal, and South Africa controls huge mines of gold, silver, and platinum.

Have you used one ore more of these countries to your advantage or can you position yourself in an upcoming ECOSOC committee to use the strategic position of one of these countries to steer debate?

Tell us about it and comment here!

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