Body Language is UNIVERSAL!

Body Language is a UNIVERSAL Language

In our experience, we’ve seen the slightest changes in posture to create profound changes in our delegates’ communication abilities.

For example, let’s take the simple example of four people debating a serious topic. Look at this picture: 

You can assume a few things just by witnessing the position of these four people who are discussing their positions:

  1. Speaker #2 is not leading the conversation.
  2. Speaker #3 is trying to respectful to Speaker #2 by being slightly shifted to the left.
  3. Speaker #1, #3, and #4 are having the most meaningful conversation while #2 has no choice but to listen.
  4. Eventually if Speaker #2 doesn’t get closer, he/she is going to be ignored and #1, #3, & #4 are going to feel that #2 is NOT a confident leader who they should listen to.

Body language can be THAT simple.

Here is the proper position for Speaker #2: 

Have you noticed this in your own unmoderated discussions??

Pay attention to your position when having social conversations and start putting yourself in the position of a confident contributor!

Want to get better at all of these skills? You should get the book, ASAP.

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