MUN SPECIAL TOPIC: Guns, Guns, and more *scary* Guns…

In the past month, the United States has now been averaging about one domestic terrorist shooting per week.


Some basic statistics comparing the United States with European countries:

  • Only Estonia(8.07) and Northern Ireland(5.24) have murder rates greater than the United States (4.14).
  • Slovakia checks in next at half of our homicide rate, 2.17.
  • Extrapolating that rate to the size of our population gives a number of 12,400 homicides by firearms per year which easily dwarfs the number of homicides in the smaller countries of the EU (The extra 20,000 deaths are suicides or accidental!!).
  • It is estimated by the ATF that of the approximate 3,000 crimes committed with firearms per day in the US, 80% of the criminals are using ILLEGAL guns.
  • The BATF approximates that 4.9 million guns are sold to Americans each year, while only 100,000 are confiscated and destroyed.
  • The US has approximately 89 guns per 100 residents, doubling the EU’s most prolific gun owners (Switzerland – 45), followed by Finland (32), Sweden (32), Norway (31), France (31) & Austria (30). Canada also checks in at 31.
  • Comparing homicide rates of these same countries we have the US (4.14), Switzerland (0.58), Finland (0.86), Sweden (0.18), Norway (0.3), France (0.44), Austria (0.42), & Canada (0.76).

What are your reactions to these numbers?

What sort of arguments would you be able to make at upcoming conferences with this information?

Do you have other evidence that supports a need for gun control?

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