Our Media Lab…

We’re working our butts off to bring you some great content here at Model UN Education.

We’ve created this first video as a promo for the sort of information that we’re going to bring to you from our online school.

It’s called The MUNIVERSITY!

We’ll be giving a great deal information on Social Intelligence and Leadership skills at MUN conferences around the east coast this year. We’re dedicated to teaching you the modern skills that are going to be necessary to understand and interact with the globalization happening all around us.

Here is our promo:

We’ll have online lectures, an online forum, PDFs for download, some nice desktop backgrounds, extra material that isn’t in the book, advanced strategies, and some fun stuff…

Look out for us at your upcoming MUN Conferences this year.

We’re here to help you succeed! …AT EVERYTHING!

But you can’t start without the book!

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