Big Q’s for the next generation?

This is a very serious question and we can guarantee that no one around you will have a good answer…

Which presidential candidate has a plan on any issue that addresses the lifelong needs of the age group that is not even in college yet, namely “children?”

  1. Inflation has been increasing faster than at any point in history.
  2. Programs like Social Security & Medicare are scheduled to be dilapidated by the time today’s children hit their 30’s.
  3. College costs are rising so quickly that students are being advised that college loans will result in costs that are equivalent to a mortgage.
  4. Updates of our country’s infrastructure are estimated to cost trillions of dollars, public schools are losing employees faster than at anytime in history, and unemployment is at an all-time high for 18-30 year olds and is NOT getting better.
  5. Today’s 20-35 year old group is making less than their parents did and this trend is on pace to turn out worse for today’s children.
  6. War has been in the news every single day of a 10 year old’s life.
  7. Technology is changing so quickly that laws, economics, education, medicine, and PEOPLE can’t keep up. This is happening WHILE THE COUNTRY IS ON A TEN YEAR TREND OF CUTTING INVESTMENT IN EDUCATION and while our nation’s scores are declining relative to the rest of the world.
We need kids to ask these questions to the rest of the nation!

The problems in our country are only becoming MORE detrimental to the future generation in the United States. The solutions to these problems are also going to rest on their shoulders more than any generation before them.

We personally believe that the students who read this and realize their situation are going to be better prepared to change the world for their generation and themselves… And you MUNners who are practicing the skills that will be needed to change the politics of our nation for the benefit of everyone, we are here because we want to help.

The future used to be a bright horizon that inspired beautiful movies and classic poems. The world NEEDS YOU to ask questions about YOUR FUTURE. We need you. And we wish you the best of luck in preparing for the future… But unlike the loud mouth figureheads and misguided voters & media, we promise to help you.

And don’t be afraid let us know how we can help you even more…

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