Testimonials from MUN Experts!

We put so much time and effort into creating this book because, the truth is, THERE IS NOTHING ON THE MARKET THAT PREPARES YOU FOR THE SOCIAL ASPECTS OF MODEL UN!! And our readers agree with that sentiment!

We’ve got some great feedback from some really experienced delegates and successful Model UN advisors, as well as Best Delegate! We’re looking forward to bringing MUN-E to the MUN masses and we’re glad you’re here to check it out.

The final touches on the second edition are complete and we know this is the best book about Model UN on the planet. Just check out these testimonials of what’s in the book:

Our first from A. Latham of NC was very insightful!

Hey, so I quite liked the book. There were a lot of things in it that I never really thought about but when I started imagining them they made perfect sense. I’ve read a lot of books about public speaking and Model UN topics and the part when the kind of sign of victory for any source of information is when I put it down and start wandering around the room, ostensibly to get a glass of water, but then I’m imagining giving speeches on the topic and things like that. Then the source can know that it’s achieved its goals. And MUN-E did that, there were a couple points where I went to “get a glass of water” and was pacing around my carpet thinking about Model UN situations where I would apply the ideas you wrote about like a pro and win.

Ryan V. of Best Delegate said:

I first wanted to catch up with you and Anthony re: MUN-E. Thanks for sending KFC and me a copy — I read the entire thing and I think it’s groundbreaking.

We definitely need to thank them for posting our philosophy of MUN-E on their site! You can read it here.

G. Gordon of Kew Forest School said:

I just wanted to thank you for all of your efforts. I spoke with many of my Model UN Club members today. They really loved the presentation and found it interesting, thought provoking and useful. You and Anthony really reached them. No reason why this shouldn’t be part of any quality high school curriculum.

Nathan Hughes of HARMUN Bahamas International School said:

I have finished your book and really enjoyed it- it was excellent! I will be recommending that the School library and I will certainly be using it to help my students for next year.


Now that you’ve seen what our readers have to say, isn’t it time you actually read it???

It’s on Amazon, now!

Here’s a video recorded by our friends at Best Delegate when they came to see our students host their annual JPSMUN.

The premiere Model UN news website, BestDelegate.com has visited a our annual high school conference and they took some video our own best delegates, interviewing them about their philosophy of MUN and what about Model UN has helped them succeed.

Some of the delegates speaking will be attending colleges such as Wharton School of Business, Harvard, Georgetown, and Princeton University. Guess how they learned to manage their interviews so well…?!

True students of the MUN-E system! Filmed by Best Delegate and posted on youtube.

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