We’ve only scratched the surface of the utility & ubiquity of Social Intelligence in our everyday life. Like a fellow Model UN advisor shared with us, “this belongs in the high school curriculum, especially with everything that’s going on nowadays.” And we couldn’t agree more. No matter what profession our Model UN graduates pursue, their practices in committee AND outside committee are fertile grounds for becoming incredible contributors to the future!

Not only is this topic so new, it’s expanding so quickly into our own business and social world. bushhh_boreedBody language experts are analyzing presidential debates, MBAs are taking business classes on social interaction, Navy Commanders are hoping to “socialize” our own local police, and even kindergartners are learning how to meditate and emotionally empathize with their upset classmates! How is this all connected? Social Intelligence. At the risk of being a little radical, we think it’s so important to our communal success and survival, it could almost suffice as a modern, secular foundation for morality. Mathematically, John Nash won the Nobel Prize in economics for this idea within game-theory… and we could communally earn the spoils!

So get yourself educated about this stuff!! Watch a few videos and read a few blogs!

AcuddyAmy Cuddy gave this incredibly inspiring TED talk.  She talks about how our body language is a biological mechanism for treating our own health and well-being with hormone therapy. She also discusses the incredible self-transformation that happened through her own experience. Check it out if you haven’t seen it.

Psychology Today contributor, Dr. Michael Austin, wrote this great article about social intelligence, empathy, and its incredible effects! We give what we receive and it even rings true among doctor-patient relationships! Doctors who show empathy have better patient recovery rates AND a lower probability of malpractice suits.

Computer programmers created with the goal of connecting as many editors as possible and increase the efficiency of software engineering. This is just one small example of the incredible power that social media and social networking in the digital world will advance the ideas of social intelligence far beyond the initial expectations of those who’ve developed these ideas. Our own sites: Model UN Education and The MUNIVERSITY are our own attempts to bring you this training. We’re always looking for co-conspirators and collaborators! Write to us if you’re interested!

goleman-181Daniel Goleman has popularized the emotional intelligence paradigm that also gave rise to the new push for engaging modern leaders to develop their own social intelligence. A few of his numerous books are linked below and here’s a link to his youtube videos!

Last but not least, aren’t you on Facebook? Of course you are. Aren’t you on Twitter? We all are! We’re pouring our social communication into these sites and keeping tabs on our own social circles! Businesses are now using these networks for marketing and promotions, and even good samaritans are create social media on-the-fly when natural disasters hit! Hurricane Sandy is a perfect example of this modern technology and social intelligence effort! We also posted about this on The MUNIVERSITY.

Remember, we are bringing you this revolutionary information before everyone! And we use it to motivate all of our techniques and strategies in our book. You get a lifetime membership to The MUNIVERSITY along with your book.

If you’d like some more information on Social Intelligence and Leadership, some of these resources have been incredible for us. We hope you like them, too!

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