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In our book, you’ll learn the most important characteristics of leadership and how YOU can develop this all by yourself!

The training of the best Model UN delegates doesn’t come in the form of historical knowledge and parliamentary procedure… instead, it’s a development of your social skills and personality! The best delegates are recognizable for their PRESENCE, not their policy.

How do we know this?

Because when we ask you about the first day of a conference and who you think will be the most powerful delegates in your committee, you point out two or three delegates who “spoke confidently,” “had a strong voice,” or sometimes you say You can just tell!

We wrote down these tricks and techniques of being confident, using strong body language, and vocalizing your position with charisma and poise!

The Main Idea

This is only the second lesson in TEN chapters that teach you how to do these things… we then also include a scouting report (th

e Cast of Characters) profiling the delegates you’ll encounter in committee!

Did you know that you can restructure an argument? If you pay attention to the person who disagrees with you, you can literally RE-SHAPE a disagreement into mutual respect with a few words… that’s the subject of Chapter 5. (btw: this works in life too)

Do you know how to polarize debate? Have you strategized your notes? Where do you sit? Where should you stand? What to wear, how to be noticed, what to pack & what’s the secret to “looking good AND professional!”

We’ll tell you the difference between normal English papers and Position papers and help you structure the writing clearly. Resolution writing is demonstrated and reprinted with working examples.

SecurityCouncilOh, and yes: Crisis Committees. No one has given you a good explanation of the inner workings of a Specialized Agency, Security Council, or a Politboro… until you’ve read Chapter 9. Still confused after your first crisis? You need MUN-E.

And lastly, are you familiar with the GRAY (sometimes interpreted as evil) area in Model UN? People jockey for position, steal resolutions, steal blocs, and usurp command without regard… and it’s almost impossible to avoid those situations. If you didn’t know that this obscene world exists, you will suffer the consequences of other delegates’ shady ways. We finish our book with a chapter on the Dark Arts so you can prevent yourself from falling victim to the power delegates who obnoxiously demand control of the room.

CoverFrontFinalThis book isn’t just a strategy guide for Model UN, it’s actually a series of skills that can change your future. We know that you’ve heard that inspiring keynote speech by that former MUN-ner who explains all those incredible “leadership” skills he or she learned doing Model UN… and we describe what those skills are in exact detail. We formulate the exact process for you to develop those skills, and suddenly you realize how powerful your voice really can be. Interview skills, dialogue, rapport, and clear communication are just a few of the benefits to practicing the MUN-E skillset. If you’ve seen the growth of our students, you’d know we’re actually under-estimating how powerful  the social prowess is of a seasoned Model UN “diplomat.”

We’ve trained some of the best, including some extremely successful collegiate delegates. And you can’t argue with results…


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