Preparation for MUN 2013-2014

NSA Spying, Drones in America, Historic Weather and Floods, a new Iranian president, the Keystone pipeline, the IRS scandal, GMO foods and Monsanto, the Turkish Uprising, and we’re not even at the halfway point of 2013 yet.

If you aren’t familiar with these headlines AND you want to have a successful year in Model UN, consider this your summer reading list.

The earlier you begin training your eyes and ears for the arguments you’ll be hearing in the next year, the better you’ll be at debating with your peers. The college students who are in charge of the coming year’s conferences are hard at work shaping these controversies into background guides. They are intently watching the news, reading online reports, and studying the background of the key players in these world events.

Considering the fact that most high school students have the entire summer off, it’s a really great opportunity to transition 30 minutes of your daily TV time into 30 minutes of active engagement in a news program.Currency symbols, binary codes and globe (Digital composite)

The best option, in my opinion, is to lump all of your news watching into Sunday morning on CNN. There are three programs in particular that are back-to-back and offer very clear delineation (SAT word for description) of political segmentation (SAT word forĀ differences): (1) State of the Union with Candy Crowley, followed by (2) Fareed Zakaria’s GPS, followed by (3) Reliable Sources.

State of the Union is a show dedicated to US national affairs, Fareed Zakaria’s GPS is a show dedicated to international affairs, and Reliable Sources is a show that turns the spotlight onto the news itself, analyzing how “newsworthy” are the stories being told and if there is any “spin” being given to the major stories of the week. These three TV shows may be the most informative 3-hours of television that you can observe any given week of the year, especially as they relate to the stories you hear about on a daily basis.

Make these shows a part of your summer TV entertainment routine… and watch it with a friend so that you two can argue your own opinions in preparation of the upcoming year of debate!

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