The Modern Age of MUN!

Model UN is getting some PRESS!

First, we’d like to point you to the biggest article we’ve seen about Model UN as the New York Times must have hired an author with some legit MUN experience to explain how integral this new educational experience is for students growing up in this global world! And we also would like to tip our hats to our friends at Best Delegate for getting some great exposure in the article!

On a side note that proves this whole MUN thing is growing like wildfire, our book is being ordered by the University of Indiana for use in a college course based on bringing Model UN into the classroom! We’re extremely honored that someone out there has heard of us. We did happen to write the only complete book on Model UN that exists, so we can’t blame them.

But the main reason we’re writing today is because we wanted to share with you that the book has some new additions! MUN-E now includes an extra section on advanced strategies in Chapter 6: “The Blueprint,” as well as a whole new Chapter that carries you through the creation of your own website for your club, your conference, or your own blog. Just like our website is connected to our Facebook and Twitter, you can connect your site the same way using our chapter on “Going Digital.” Your site will be set up in WordPress FOR FREE, then with a few clicks you’ll have all of your social media integrated, and you’ll be managing your site like a pro with the WordPress dashboard.

This is the future and we made it our mission to help get you there.

Advisors and Club Organizers!!!

Yes, we didn’t forget about you either. There is now an appendix that details organizational strategies for sustaining a successful Model UN Club along with some tips on managing a school trip of 80-100 high school students.

Use the summer wisely and get prepped for this year’s competition!

We’re including a preview of the book here. Use the little orange [+] button to share it!



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