The Only Complete Book on MUN…


Everyone doing Model UN needs a good reference!

And yet, NO ONE had one… Until NOW

How long have you looked for a book, or someone to talk to, or somebody with credibility that you could ask about how to get good at MUN?

As you probably already know, Model UN is difficult! Good training is hard to find because there’s only a small group of schools that always seem to win and they won’t share their secrets with just anyone…

But what if there was a book to learn HOW TO WIN at Model UN?

What if we started from the beginning and explained the more subtle forms of communication?

Did you know that BODY LANGUAGE is more than 70% of all communication? (Chapter 2)

And did you know that establishing RAPPORT is the most important skill in forging alliances? (Chapter 3)

What if we gave you the philosophical structure of ALL arguments and showed you a surefire technique for restructuring the entire debate around YOUR consensus? Cause we did, and that’s in Chapter 5.

That’s right… and in Chapter 4 we diagnose all of your best allies and enemies!

Chapter 6 is an exhaustive list of 8 different strategies for all delegations, 4 more strategies for committees when you have multiple delegations competing against each other, and 3 more advanced strategies for the experts!

You’ve read about us on Best Delegate and we’ve now sent around the world! We’ve shipped to Dubai, Japan, Sri Lanka, and Brazil in just the last two months! Oh, and they’re using our book in a college course at University of Indiana!!



We’ve got 240 pages on the art of Model UN.

We teach you how to be social, to confidently use diplomacy for your advantage, how to make friends and then make them your allies, how to carefully influence the committee toward your policies, and lastly:

How to GAVEL!!



Preview it here if you don’t believe us

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