A quick start to MUN 2013-2014!

Would you believe the fodder for discussion this year? Although most of the world seems to require some intervention and policy reform, the number of issues that can be debated is a blessing for Model UN clubs! Each and every delegate in your club should have AT LEAST ONE major world issue that they feel very passionately about.

Already we have a global debate on chemical weapons and the ongoing wars throughout the middle east, we have a national debate on universal healthcare, a global economic “recovery” is showing no signs of improvement, another year of extreme weather is furthering the case for climate change, and now we’re in a government shutdown that has lasted nearly a week. As a Model UN delegate, it is your duty to have an opinion!

Are you using these issues in your club meetings? Have you become more passionate about your arguments? Have you investigated the roots of these problems to inform your opinions?

When you discuss your feelings about these issues, are you watching for the reactions of your fellow delegates? Are you using eye contact and strong body language when you take the stage? Are you confident in your own power to communicate your position?

Get serious about the world. Get serious about professionalism and social intelligence. Raise your awareness and strengthen your presence.

Get MUN-E.


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