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We’ve talked to hundreds of students and helped dozens win their first awards. We’ve done it for middle school, high school, and college teams. We’ve deconstructed the game of Model UN and synthesized the skills that make an impact on your fellow delegates. We have also shown our students how those skills make them better with their teachers, their friends, and even people with whom they’re dying to make a good first impression.

In our book, we teach from a different perspective about negotiation and debate. We teach you how to demonstrate leadership. We’ve given talks to teach how to network, be more confident, and how to be a charismatic speaker. Yes, the skills you practice in Model UN will even work in interviews and auditions.

Life is a process of “becoming.” Becoming better, becoming more mature, becoming strong, evolving, ascending, etc. We named our book “MUN-E” (pronounced MONEY) because this process of “becoming” is the most powerful, VALUABLE skill you can ever learn. Model UN is just the perfect place to practice this skill. Not only does it give you more awareness of your own SELF and the people who are listening to you, but it also is a GLOBAL Activity! International Relations will be a fixture in the future of our world’s economy, politics, and education. Model UN is the perfect venue to better understand the entire world!

Get MUN-E now! Get educated! BECOME the best you can be!


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