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Gearing up for the BIG conferences? HMUN? ILMUNC? NAIMUN!!!? If you didn’t get a P5 country, do you feel like you’re already losing? Well, in today’s world of instant information and detailed historical events, the P5 countries may have a weaker position than ever before. YOU have to be the one to call out these major players on their historical failures! It’s the MODEL UN, not the REAL UN, so there are no real consequences to calling the Russians liars, or calling the Americans arrogant.

We have seen small countries like Bolivia completely upend the position of the United States by citing the corporate privatization schemes the Americans push in small countries around the world (Bolivia almost had its entire Water Supply privatized at the end of 1990’s). Sometimes you have to be clever about your position. You have to use emotion and diplomatic “outrage” at the policies of the big boys in order to cement your benevolent resolutions! Remember, in the UN, there are only a handful of “big guns” while there are more than 100 small nations who would rather support a non-P5 with a strong voice, instead of the typical powerhouse high schools who always get China or Russia. You have to be clever at how your argue against the powerful.

We’re going to run down a spin of the P5 (UK, US, RF, China, & France) and show you some gaps that can be exploited for political gain! These are useful in both crisis and large committee… and they’ve been proven to work. Let’s start with the original P1, the British!

Union Jack of the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom

Why did we call the U.K. the original P1? Well, one look at this map should tell you why. The Royalty of Great Britain have reigned over most of the world. In all countries that are now “independent,” the UK still maintains corporate economic power as well as military power through key investments and allied military bases. Just because these territories are no longer called “territories” does not imply that they are sovereign, independent states. For example, the borders that were drawn around Iraq by the British after World War I were known to house mutually despondent cultural groups that still struggle against one another today. Were new borders drawn and economic policies reformed, the place may find peace… but why would any superpower want peace in a faraway land? Well, they don’t.

Main Lesson of this article: Superpowers maintain power by “allowing” instability to be maintained in lesser nations.

This is how the P5 operate under the mandate of the oligarchs that manage their welfare. P5 economies and their militaries are too powerful to be usurped by nationalist intentions of smaller, unstable countries. After World War 2, all of the countries between East Germany and the Ukraine became a border of chaos between the Western Allies and the Soviet Union. This was done ON PURPOSE so that neither side (UK/US vs. Russia) could gain an inch. The political war in this region is still going on, the most notable recent event is the Ukrainian anti-government protests, arguments over being economically tied to the European Union (all US/UK economic allies) or the Russian Federation. The people of these countries have not known stability and peace for almost two generations. It does not seem as if the Western allies or Vladimir Putin care at all… this is a struggle for world dominance because western nations live in constant fear that the Russians or the Chinese will finally attain full control over the world’s largest land mass. It’s called Mackinder’s “Heartland” and the fear of this military theory is, today, the primary cause for most of the world’s current conflicts. We’ll say more about this later.

So how do we spin against the delegates of the UK? First, you always use historical information to demonstrate their arrogance and manipulation of world powers for their own benefit. Maybe you didn’t know this, but they called India “the Jewel in Crown” because its resources were so valuable to the British Royalty who controlled it. Second, you use that historical information along with the most recent revelations about the NSA and GCHQ working together to spy on the economic links between all corporations and governments (FYI, this is consistent with their pattern throughout history; to pillage and plunder resources to be owned and controlled by the elite). Third, you advance your own “honorable” and “diplomatic” policy as an “adverse sentiment of the British elites!” You tell the entire committee that the goal of the United Nations was to give everyone a voice, to allow people the right to govern themselves peaceably, as their own sovereigns, rather “than be ruled by a Queen.” Yes, there is some theater included here, and you will be right to use it. We especially urge you to use the social intelligence in our book and say these things on stage with an English accent, as if you were a character in “Game of Thrones.”

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What if you are a UK delegate? You have to defend your history as an example of success. You must argue that you’ve protected the health and welfare of many nations and can continue to do so since there are many friends of your country. You must be a power broker and cut deals with the blocs that consider you an enemy. These deals must be economic and military exchanges that promote the welfare of the smaller nations.


american-flag-2a The United States

“In the beginning, God created the United States!” Well, no, not really. But the majority of politicians in America would like you to believe that. When thinking about the United States, it is a good mental exercise to embrace the idea that they are the military arm of the UK, using very similar, but more egregious tactics to maintain world economic power. You should also know that the United States and Britain may have never fully separated!

The end of the War of 1812 was negotiated quickly because the United States was bankrupt. Part of the outcome was the institution of the Second Bank of the United States; a controversial federal, centralized bank designed on the model of the Bank of England that had American shareholders, but also had 1000 European stockholders. These European stockholders were VERY wealthy and powerful, and connected to the Bank of England and the Crown. Trade between the Brits and New England remained very profitable after the war and the new central bank of the United States had a great deal of power. Economic ties between America and Britain have remained the same ever since.

If you are NOT the United States, it is far easier to debate against them now than at any time in previous history. As a matter of fact, if there are intelligent delegates in the room, I propose that the United States should never be given the chance to win a gavel again. Big words? Yes. Unrealistic? Not at all.

First, let’s start with the National Security Agency [NSA]. These hackers have been infiltrating every computer and smartphone on the planet for decades. They are stealing political information and worse, economic information. Not only can this information be used for unfair negotiations, it can also allow the multinational corporations to continue to strangle the resources of lesser nations. It is no secret that the grand majority of political advisors in Washington are former executives of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Exxon, Halliburton, Ford, GE, and many other ginormous corporations who will also pay these political advisors as consultants. Countries like Nigeria, Iraq, and Afghanistan should be calling out the United States in every single speech! For example, look at the increase in the production of heroin in Afghanistan since the US took over!! It PEAKED in 2007!

Now, even more countries can get in on the action, like Syria, Lebanon, Iran, and Jordan. The United States has now been found to have been funding terrorist activity throughout the Middle East. They also have toppled many governments throughout the entire world, (see Iran, and Argentina, and Guatemala) and caused the continuous destruction of Pakistan and Afghanistan with help from the Saudis.

None of this is a secret, it’s just not talked about. So start talking about it in committee and see how quickly the power of the US fades in your debate.



China may have the most incredible history of all nations of the world. Some dynasties have lasted for hundreds of years. They invented gunpowder, which changed the entire world of warfare. They also house 1.7 billion people which is a logistical nightmare. One thing is certain, with a population this large there must be an enormous amount of control. But this control also comes with a reward, according to the Economist: “The 50 richest members of America’s Congress are worth $1.6 billion in all. In China, the wealthiest 50 delegates to the National People’s Congress, the rubber-stamp parliament, control $94.7 billion.”

So guess how you’ll spin the Chinese? As socialist hoarders who sell their own people’s labor for extreme profits. Or you can use the same general argument about their privacy, censorship, and human rights violations. China’s economic power is only rising, and this power will be exerted throughout the planet as prices of common manufactured goods rise while manufacturing itself falls. And who in China is doing the manufacturing? Well, the cheapest workers on the planet who have very little idea of the standard of living outside of China, thus they do not rebel or demand better wages and protections.

China is now disputing the ownership of two islands in the South China Sea, but it has not been made clear why. The EIA shows us that a huge portion of the world’s crude oil traverses this sea every day. Having control of this naval passage may also mean control of almost one-third of the world’s energy supply. Economic and military wars pivot on energy. China is clearly moving its pieces on the world’s chessboard.

To better advance this point, we’ll quickly turn to the Russian Federation and show how China and the Russian Fed are aligning themselves to economically destroy the petrodollar. Read about the petrodollar first, if you don’t know what it means.

Model UN EducationRussian Federation

Despite the general overtones of this article, the Russians have been attempting to overcome the antagonism of the West for more than 100 years. It is hard not to have sympathy for them when you look at the history of World War I and II. Thanks to worldwide news and media propaganda, the United States somehow garnered praise and unhealthy aplomb for “winning” these wars on behalf of the rest of the world. But if you look up the actual numbers, the Soviet Union lost a total of more than 30 million lives with 27 million coming from the German invasion in World War II. If you’re in America, that would be same as killing everyone in the six states of New England AND New York.

Believe it or not, the Russians have been trying to avoid war for most of these years, but they just kept getting invaded. After WWII they attempted a truce multiple times with the western world, but the Americans and Brits started an anti-communism campaign that still lives on to today. In retaliation, the Soviets influenced policy in East Germany, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Yugoslavia, etc. in order to create a large land buffer between them and the western powers that continued to threaten their citizens. Germany invaded twice in 30 years, killing 30 million of their citizens, and all the Soviets wanted was a guarantee that they would not be invaded again!

Today, the Russians are still holding against this vigilance of the Cold War and the Western push into Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Syria is still a flashpoint and Iran is another. Russia has maintained trade with these countries in the same way that the United States trades with Israel and Egypt. Weapons and energy at the heart of these economic relationships, and that is an uneasy fact that both Russia and the United States find unsettling. Even worse, Saudi Arabia is also funding terrorist activity inside of Russia and may be pushing an advance on the Sochi Olympics to geopolitically injure the Russians. This is an all out oil war.

So what should Russia do? Well, their longest border is with China. Both Russia and China have been the enemy of Western nations since the World Wars. Russia is loaded with its own oil and natural resources, and they will soon have a very advantageous position of an arctic sea with minimal ice. The two nations will likely create a strong alliance for the next decade, and maybe even the century. China has also been buying record amounts of worldwide gold in bulk and will no longer store “petrodollars” or invest in the United States. This is the same as declaring an economic war against the United States and Saudi Arabia.

Now, we get back to the agenda. China and Russia are in a silent currency war with the United States and the rest of the West. The problem with economic wars like a currency war is that the adversaries are banking elites who control these currencies and the shares of companies that are valued in these dollars, pounds, yuan, yen, euros, etc. And the worst part of currencies is that they are fake! It only has value if the people who use it believe it has value. If the countries of the world agree to buy all of their oil in US dollars, the dollar has a great deal of value because oil has value. If all of the countries in the world change their minds and only sell oil for gold, the dollar will become worthless! And so goes with it, the US economy will lose its position! Are you starting to understand the world’s current predicament a little better now?

As a delegate, this economic war must be discussed in the open in order to play the position that each of these countries are just jockeying for a better position for their own greedy desires of world economic domination! As a smaller country, you must bargain with the businesses who export and walk away from the bargains of these superpowers. If they threaten you, declare it to the committee and show the rest of the world how much death and destruction has come through these powerbrokers’ historic deals. And demand that the rest of the UN is not sucked into their squabbles and backstabbing plots of greed! Look to new models of currency for trade and commerce. Form alliances with the smaller nations who are your neighbors and declare peace among yourselves!

France-French-Flag-HD-WallpaperFrance (& sometimes Germany = “P5+1”)

With all of this craziness going on the world, there is much less to say about France and/or Germany. France has recently pushed a great deal of austerity measures and increased taxation on its citizens. The modern pattern has been a monotonic decline, so even the celebrities had a major issue with this French about face. Where are people running to? Russia.

France’s government spends a great deal of money with more than 50% of its GDP coming from government spending. This is a major reason that European taxes are higher than the rest of the OECD countries; they provide a huge amount of government services, albeit inefficiently. France and Germany are at the center of the Euro crisis and this crisis will be ongoing since the rest of Europe, especially those countries known as the “PIGS” (Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain), have been aggregating huge debts while unemployment is at record highs. Spain and Greece have overall unemployment rates around 28% with some demographics of young people having unemployment rates at more than 40%.

France has been a blind follower of NATO and US policy since WWII. And if any of you have visited, it becomes slightly obvious that they have a touch of the “American Excellence” syndrome. When the U.S. felt that it was necessary to remove the alleged chemical weapons from Syria, France was the first to sign up. Despite the circumstances in Mali, France came out as a Western hero for conquering Islamic insurgents. Despite the austerity cuts in their military, they are backing up every U.S. move as if attached at the arm. The Iran deal had a great deal to do with France and now Israel is beginning to align its interests with the Saudis, as insane as that sounds.

So how do we diminish France in a large committee? The same way we diminish the Western countries of the U.S. and the United Kingdom. If France is just the blind support of American foreign policy, what good are they pushing international policy since it is just a self-serving façade? This is your public argument against the superpowers in the MUN-iverse.

There is no such thing as multinational repercussions from a MUN debate, so flex your political muscles and polarize the committee by slashing at these P5 delegates with their own scandalous history!

And if you think this was a good article, you should magnify your political firepower by combining it with the techniques we teach in MUN-E.


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