What’s your SIQ?

If you haven’t heard of “Social Intelligence”, you’re behind the ball… and a few good reads or youtube videos about it is a must!

On the @StanfordBiz twitter feed, you can scroll through the topics… and you’ll notice how many are related to personal confidence, public speaking, emotional control, reflection, etc. This is STANFORD BUSINESS SCHOOL! There are actually less articles about the economic details of world markets (e.g. globalization of the raw materials market, the transpacific parternship, and the Keystone pipeline) than articles about Social Intelligence topics!

So what’s your SIQ? It’s your social intelligence quotient. It’s like an IQ for social skills. Harvard offers you a small online quiz that you can check out here all about reading the emotions through the eyes. Another business mogul created a social intelligence quiz for you to rate yourself here. Here is another emotional intelligence test, which is closely related to Social Intelligence.

IR_meme7Why is this skill important? Well, you must establish a “connection” with someone if you’re ever going to find out how they really feel about a topic or their opinion about a situation. The word describing this “connection” is RAPPORT. If you have the goal of forming a bloc or establishing an alliance, well then you NEED rapport (Here’s an article on Rapport if you’ve never heard of it. Or you can get our book since we teach you how to establish and maintain rapport!).

If you want to change someone’s mind or influence their opinion, you’ll never succeed without rapport.

And you’ll never know that you’re in rapport if you don’t know anything about social intelligence. We call it MUN-E (pronounced MONEY), because it’s the most valuable skill we can teach.


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