IRAQ: A lesson about IR

Hello boys and girls. As a former teacher, I would occasionally witness a news story so horrific and perplexing that I would cancel the day’s lesson plans, and instead, have a conversation about the news.

Today is such a day that I have to stop working and take to the blog.

As an author of MUN-E and a former advisor of a student club dedicated to teaching political compromise, A.K.A. DIPLOMACY, under the auspice of Model UN, the news of the day beseeches me to discuss the quagmire in Iraq. As a United States citizen, I must also speak up to denounce the continuing rhythm of our foreign intervention that causes so much destruction. Essentially, if you are practicing Model UN and hoping to pursue a career within the International Relations umbrella, the recent series of events are a beautiful lesson of what NOT to do with your foreign policy.

The main article that I will citing in this discussion is found here. It is loaded with facts that you may have never been taught. For example:

…it’s quite likely that Iraq’s border were specifically drawn to cut across ethnic boundaries and thereby assure a failed state, because Britain had learned through history that failed states were the easiest to control. This was their preferred MO in India and numerous other colonies, and by 1916 it was a more or less perfected tool of statecraft.

Iraq_british-mandatemap_03I don’t want to jump too far ahead too soon, but I am citing this factual passage to invoke your thoughts about the future of our world and the role of a major world power like any P5 country. In school, especially grades K-12, we learn that wars happen due to evil personalities and corrupt governments who take advantage of people… and that “peacekeepers” like the most “excellent” United States intervene and set these evil leaders straight.

I don’t want to discuss the truth of this lesson yet, instead I want to share some of the foreign policy activities of P5 countries interfering in the Middle East in the past year.

  1. Assad’s Syria, as an ally of Russia and the sovereign controller of land that is ideal for a network of transcontinental oil and gas pipelines, is no friend of the UK or the United States, aka “The West”.
  2. The West, along with Saudi Arabia, begins sending weapons to the “Syrian rebels”, which are actually a faction under the Al Qaeda umbrella, a well-known terrorist organization that has been supported by Saudi Arabia since the 80’s (notice how the mainstream news never tells us that “the US is paying for weapons to be given to the same terrorist organization who claims responsibility for 9/11″… but instead they say that “we’re supporting the Syrian Rebels”). Exactly one year ago, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney tells us, “We have stepped up our assistance, but I cannot inventory for you all the elements of that assistance. We have provided and will continue to provide substantial assistance to the Syrian opposition, as well as the Supreme Military Council.”
  3. After a false flag chemical attack and under the potential threat of an all-out world war, all nations agree to remove chemical weapons from Syria. By the way, this is the greatest accomplishment of the recent year, and was a solution instigated mostly by Russia.
  4. Syrian rebels start infiltrating Iraq as a group now called ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant), taking down city by city using weapons provided by the US and the Saudis.
  5. The United States is now planning on returning to Iraq to defend a country they invaded 10 years ago under a false pretense, to defend it against the same terrorist organization they intended to stop 10 years ago, while also having been the culprit (with Saudi Arabia) responsible for making this organization stronger and richer. Note: Since taking the central bank in Mosul, ISIS is now the richest terrorist organization in the entire world.

So here we are again. Another country that was supposed to have been “SAVED” by a P5 country, now experiencing complete upheaval, is going to be defended by the same P5 country who made it vulnerable to terrorist organizations 10 years ago, and will now attempt to defend it against its own military creation. What’s worse is that Al Qaeda, which just keeps re-appearing as an enemy of a different name, was borne by the United States through our Cold War, anti-Soviet, anti-Communist, pro-Holy-War training of the Afghani militants in response to the Soviet invasion in the 1970’s. Once the Soviets were pushed out of Afghanistan, the United States abandoned the war torn nation leaving a nation in poverty. Our author from also tells us:

People, like animals, when cornered will take whatever path remains for them to escape. If left with no other paths besides violence, then violence is what you get.  It’s not really all that hard to understand, and yet the US media goes out of its way to try and frame violent unrest as some form of inexplicable evil that magically appears for no good reason. Well, there are plenty of reasons why violence exists in the Middle East is violent (and has for a very long time). And most of those have to do with resources, and their exceptionally scarcity in a desert environment.

Is this “diplomacy?” Is this what “International Relations” is really about? Is this what the world’s most powerful military is supposed to do for our foreign cousins?

Some people will answer these questions differently. Some (those typically with insider knowledge and military “kill or be killed” training) will say “Yes. It is quite unfortunate, but yes, this is what we must do to ensure our safety!”

Others, like myself (with “Peace and Love”), would prefer to prevent this entire mess by discussing the truth of the past, as well as the current events. Diplomacy should not be a false compromise that allows one to sucker their adversary into becoming their economic and military slave. It should not cause our own sons and daughters in the military to repeat a battle that was fought a mere decade ago. Foreign policy should not reinforce a group that systematically dismantles one middle east government after another, leaving their people without resources, without any source of economic stability, and without peace. The West is fighting a sad, sick war that is creating far more enemies than it destroys, making each one of us and our children less safe in the near future.

From the author’s simple conclusion:

The summary here is that the ‘rebels’ the US is supporting in Syria are part of the very same group that is now headed towards Baghdad.  They are all Sunni hard liners and they will not rest until they have created a new Sunni state for themselves. It’s really that simple.

I ask you to read the article so that you are more educated than the news, your parents, and your friends. And I beg you to debate this type of government behavior in the coming year.

Is there no better way to change the world for the better?

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