Model UN Education is a complete revolution in Social Studies.

Schools have been failing to demonstrate how important policy has been since the dawn of civilization… and worse, they have not taught our students how to productively collaborate in order to make or change policy!

It’s difficult to imagine how incredibly useful the information in this book really is…

This book, MUN-E: How to be Social, Diplomatic, Win Allies, Influence People, and GAVEL!, is the first of its kind.

Everything mentioned in the title is taught in very simple language that is familiar to the reader. Model United Nations has provided the format for students to practice these skills. The social skills that are necessary to succeed in any collaboration or negotiation, are the revolutionary insights that are highlighted here.

We know that Body Language is important, but has anyone ever given you the step-by-step instructions to use confident body language? (It starts on Page 28 and we go through every part of the body)
Have you ever heard of Rapport? It means that you and the person you are talking to are not only communicating with each other, but actually UNDERSTANDING one another. (We describe this process on Page 36)
Do you want to talk to the person next to you but have no idea what to say? There is a very simple formula for talking to anyone, anywhere, anytime. (And we give it to you on Page 155)

We have written this book because we know that you’re not going to learn this anywhere else.

For a more detailed Chapter by Chapter description of what’s in the book, CLICK HERE!



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