Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire.

MUN-E is a redefinition of “value” in education. At Model UN Education we are revolutionizing Social Studies, transforming the curriculum in order to combine the study of History, Current Events, and Political Science with the new development of Leadership Training and Social Intelligence.

Our country is in a quagmire. Our future deeply depends on the foundation we create for today’s students. The “crisis of leadership” in our public and private sectors are slowly imploding our economic and political infrastructure while most of us are forced to wait and watch. We need proactive, collaborative solutions and the people willing to lead us into this post-modern, interconnected world where we are already facing the problems of climate change, fiscal irresponsibility, and corporate globalism.

In order to create stability, today’s students are going to be faced with the difficulties of working together and vocalizing their vision! Our current K-12 curriculum does a minimally effective job at this, and worse, they have not taught our students how to advocate sound policy and to collaborate with others to improve policy!

The key to our students’ education is to get them excited in leading the charge for a better future.

This book, MUN-E: How to be Social, Diplomatic, Win Allies, Influence People, and GAVEL!, is the first of its kind.

Everything mentioned in the title is taught in very simple language that is familiar to the middle school and high school reader. Model United Nations has provided the stage for students to practice the most pervasive skills among successful leaders. The social skills that are necessary to succeed in any collaboration or negotiation, are the revolutionary insights that are highlighted here. Social Intelligence is a practice that is quickly spreading among modern entrepreneurs and the self-help generation. The evolutionary transformation in human behavior that creates successful collaboration and interaction is a practiced skill, not a random blessing. When leaders demonstrate this skill, it is recognized immediately and subconsciously changes the behavior of those who collaborate with these leaders.

The goal of MUN-E is to start with the Model UN crowd. Social Intelligence is a nebulous concept to those who haven’t attempted to form order within the chaos of a large committee. MUN students have the practical experience and recognition that persuasion and influence can move mountains when pushing for powerful and practical change. When these students learn the language and utility of social and emotional intelligence, they will transmit this language to others. When they become our future leaders, they can facilitate the expansion of these skills into our current (yet severely outdated) education system.

These are examples of the practical skills we’ve harnessed and systematically developed in our delegates:

We know that Body Language is important, but has anyone ever given you the step-by-step instructions to use confident body language? (It starts on Page 28 and we go through every part of the body)
Have you ever heard of Rapport? It means that you and another person are not only communicating with each other, but actually UNDERSTANDING & CONNECTING one another. (We describe this process on Page 36)
Do you find it difficult to start conversations because you have no idea what to say? There is a very simple formula for talking to anyone, anywhere, anytime. (And we give it to you on Page 155)

We have written this book because we know that you’re not going to learn this anywhere else.

If you know you want it, you can buy it right now!

For a more detailed Chapter by Chapter description of what’s in the book, CLICK HERE!

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