Our Media Lab…

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Our Media Lab…

We’re working our butts off to bring you some great content here at Model UN Education. We’ve created this first video as a promo for the sort of information that we’re going to bring to you from our online school. It’s called The MUNIVERSITY! We’ll be giving a great deal information on Social Intelligence and Leadership skills at MUN conferences around the east coast this year. We’re dedicated to teaching you the modern skills that are going to be necessary to understand and...

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The Axis of Excellence!

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On a day of pure inspiration, we came up with this beautiful three dimensional relationship! We call it:  Yes… THIS IS THE MAIN IDEA!!!  IT’S SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE!!  (Sometimes called “Human Engineering.”) The Success Spectrum is the fountain from which all GAVELS spring. Use the brief descriptions above as an introduction to the raw power of Social Intelligence in the Model UNiverse. Please note that our axes are defined by “Social Intelligence” and “Academic Intelligence.” Let’s...

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