Special MUN Topic: Security Concerns @ the London Games?

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Since the tragic events of September 11, 2001, terrorism has become a global threat that effects every nation around the world. Now more than ever this issue has surfaced as a topic of debate with the start of the 30th Olympic Games hosted in London. Much of the world has focused its attention on the security present at this historic event and the United Kingdoms ability to protect the millions of visitors that will be traveling to London to watch the Olympic Games. The Olympics are no stranger to terrorism in the past however. In 1972 the Munich Games were home to one of the worst tragedies in Olympic history when eight Arab terrorists stormed an apartment housing Israeli athletes. Two athletes were killed in the initial struggle and nine more were taken hostage. This horrible tragedy concluded with a vicious shoot out between German sharpshooters and the terrorists resulting in the death of all nine of the Israeli hostages. Luckily there have been no issues of that magnitude at the London Games as of yet. Other than the G4S security agency’s failure to provide the contracted 10,400 security officials for the event and a lost set of keys to Wembly Stadium, the Olympic Games have continued with relatively no interruptions. An increased military presence hopes to deter any potential terrorist threats and both issues were quickly corrected due to excellent contingency planning by the organizers of the London Games. It’s still early but we would like to get your opinion on security at the Olymipic Games…. Share your thoughts on this issue...

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