We have realized that the traits of a leader aren’t easy to learn…

…so we’re going to teach them to you.

  • Confidence (Chapter 2)
  • Social Skills (The WHOLE Book)
  • Body Language (Chapter 3)
  • Social Awareness (Chapter 3)
  • Public Speaking (Chapter 3)
  • Public Debate (Chapter 5)
  • Goal-Oriented Thinking (Chapter 2)
  • Rapport (Chapter 3)
  • The Players to watch out for (Chapter 4)
  • Strategies to Win (Chapter 6)
  • Expository Writing (Chapter 8)
  • and much more… like Crisis Committees (Chapter 9) and the Dark Arts (Chapter 10)


These skills are not usually taught in schools…  and that is why it is so important that they be taught today!

Our world is becoming exponentially more integrated and diverse each minute that we are alive. With this knowledge, it is clear that the educational construct of our children’s classrooms is becoming exponentially outdated with each passing year.

The current stream of social evolution is passing our children by. We have noticed that Model United Nations actually allows these kids to practice the skills that our classrooms continue to overlook… and we believe that we can change the education system for the better when our students take on this MUCH MORE APPLICABLE theme of global collaboration.

Our Mission is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to succeed in a world dominated by an exciting, new process called globalization. We believe that excellence is achieved by a combination of social intelligence and academic intelligence, nurturing the perfect environment for successful, friendly and professional interaction. Model UN provides the platform that a student can use to practice this necessary, modern skill set. By understanding how to be social, diplomatic, and friendly, students who participate in MUN can eventually contribute more productively to a purposeful conversation as well as global action.

We will also be starting an online community called The MUNIVERSITY that is based on this mission.

And because you realize that we’ve written the best Model UN book you can possibly find, you should buy it now!


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